Donations for Earthquake in Türkiye

Dear Friends of Türkiye,

We are deeply saddened by the massive earthquake, which affected 10 large cities and millions of people in Türkiye.

The Foreign Economic Relations Board of Türkiye (Dis Ekonomik Iliskiler Kurulu) – and all Business Councils globally operating under its umbrella – appreciates your kind support and solidarity in this difficult time.

Please donate to our fundraising platform to coordinate direct support to organisations on the ground providing immediate relief and supporting citizens in the aftermath. You may complete your donation either with a credit card or bank wire transfer.

Bank Name: T.C. Ziraat Bankasi (Ziraat Bank)
IBAN: TRY: TR30 0001 0008 2249 7353 3150 62
USD: TR03 0001 0008 2249 7353 3150 63
EUR: TR73 0001 0008 2249 7353 3150 64
RMB/CNY: TR46 0001 0008 2249 7353 3150 65

* For the amount over 1000 USD, please make a wire transfer to account above. You may also donate by your credit card in the selected amounts below 1000 USD.

About Us & Your Donation

Foreign Economic Relations Board of Türkiye (DEİK) is a "Business Diplomacy" organization conducting the foreign economic relations of the Turkish private sector through its 151 Business Councils, 99 Founding Institutions and over 3.000 corporate members that represent Türkiye’s business community and its leading entrepreneurs, contributing to the functioning of the institution on a ‘voluntary basis’. We, the gateway of Turkish private sector to the world and serving as an example for economic, political and societal developments on a regional and global level based on cooperation between the private, public sectors and civil society.

As part of our “Business Diplomacy” mission, we are reaching out to you today for your support for our recently launched initiative, that follows the two massive earthquakes which affected 10 large cities of Türkiye and millions of people. Since then, we have been receiving numerous requests from our partners all over the world for an effective coordination of international financial aid. Hence, as a non-profit organization, we are offering a trustworthy address for the donations from the international private sector, to be immediately delivered to those in need.

The private sector funds raised through this platform will directly support the organizations who are doing indispensable work to provide immediate relief.